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Working at KroeseWevers

Would you like to continue your international career in the Netherlands? KroeseWevers is a successful organisation in the area of accountancy, tax advice and financial services. As a growing organisation and part of the global network Nexia International, we are constantly in search of international talent to strengthen our tax advice, subsidy advice or audit teams in the Netherlands.

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A professional and growing organisation

Working in a growing professional organisation as KroeseWevers means that you will be working with a staff of more than 350 people, each with their own areas of expertise. Therefore you will be liaising with colleagues in various disciplines. We provide knowledge of a high quality to our regional, national and international customers and are known for our personal approach. We have been working in this manner for more than 40 years with great passion and satisfaction from our eight branches in the North and East of the Netherlands.

Who do we work for?

Our Audit, Tax Advice and Subsidy Advice Departments regularly work on international projects. The specialists at KroeseWevers execute work according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) which enables our Audit Department to work with international colleagues. Our tax teams regularly tackle issues concerning VAT, customs law or tax advice concerning international structures for Dutch entrepreneurs conducting business abroad or for foreign entrepreneurs who run operations in the Netherlands. Alongside Audit and Tax Advice, KroeseWevers also has a Subsidy Advice Department that advises and supports entrepreneurs in the application process for subsidies, both regional and national but also in respect of European funding.

Why work at KroeseWevers?

KroeseWevers is well-known as a good employer where employees work in a professional but simultaneously in an informal organisation. As an international colleague, KroeseWevers can offer you the following:

  • A competitive salary according to the current market and excellent secondary conditions of employment;

  • Flexible working hours and a good work-life balance;

  • A challenging customer range and working in multidisciplinary teams;

  • Access to other international professionals through affiliation with Nexia International;

  • A wide range of options for personal and professional development.

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