Corporate finance

Finding the appropriate financing solution for your company can be a major challenge. With a background in banking, the financing specialists at KroeseWevers Corporate Finance have the experience, expertise and creativity to organise appropriate banking or alternative financing for your company.

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What finance issue are you facing?

Would you like your company to grow and are you looking for financing? Or are the (re)financing negotiations with your bank approaching? The KroeseWevers Corporate Finance team consists of a mix of financial specialists and former bankers. They can guide and assist you in a number of matters including:

  • Attracting (alternative) financing for operating capital, growth, business assets, real estate or a corporate takeover;

  • Setting up a financing structure that optimally matches your company and plans;

  • Assessing (re)financing proposals & quotations and financial covenants (financing requirements with respect to financial ratios);

  • Restructuring your corporate financing.

Contact and negotiation with market parties

Whilst considering the various types of financing solutions, we do not only carry out your wishes but also commit our expertise to advise you about the possibilities and can deploy our network of regional and national financial markets to your benefit. We can also be of service to you during the execution of the following activities:

  • Drawing up a substantiated financing memorandum (also the finance plan) in which we also assess which form of financing solution suits your plans optimally;

  • Approaching relevant market parties including banks, alternative providers, investors and venture capital companies;

  • Handling meetings and negotiations about the details and conditions of financing or investment;

  • Assisting in the realisation and assessment of (financing) documentation.

We have broad experience with SMEs and large companies

We have broad experience with SMEs and large companies

KroeseWevers Corporate Finance can offer a team with broad experience in financing solutions for Dutch SMEs and large companies as well as access to the (alternative) finance market. Based on our experience and expertise, we can advise you on a wide range of business areas. KroeseWevers does not only offer support and advice in corporate finance, but also has in-house specialists in the areas of accountancy, tax advice or personnel and salaries. All our services are aimed at helping you as an entrepreneur to achieve your business and financial objectives.


KroeseWevers cooperates strategically with the fintech company Capsearch. Through the digital Capsearch platform, KroeseWevers can offer a tool for even more efficient, goal-oriented and cost-effective financing solutions with various players in the SME debt and equity landscape.

Would you like to know more about corporate finance?

Are you interested in learning what KroeseWevers Corporate Finance can do for you in the area of financing your business? Our finance specialists would be happy to inform you about your options and assist you in determining whether you have organised your financial matters optimally. Feel free to contact one of our finance specialists for a no-obligation introduction.

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René otten
ir René Otten RV
Corporate Finance Manager
+31 (0)5 72 74 58 21
Rob koops rv
Rob Koops RV
Senior Corporate Finance Manager
+31 (0)5 38 50 49 22
015 L9162 bewerkt
mr. Berto Janssen
Director of Corporate Finance
+31 (0)5 38 50 49 15
More information? +31 (0)53 850 49 00
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