Corporate Takeover

Are you planning to acquire a company or are you looking for businesses that you can acquire to strengthen your own market position? The advisers at KroeseWevers Corporate Finance can support you in your search for acquisition targets, in meetings and negotiations, in carrying out a due diligence investigation and the realisation & finalisation of the transaction.

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Acquisition process in three steps

An acquisition is not a simple affair. You see market opportunities and often want to act swiftly without actually being fully aware of the risks. No one wishes to buy a pig in a poke. Our specialists know what you need to consider for an acquisition and will support you in each phase of the acquisition process.

The acquisition process consists of the following phases:

  • Phase I: preparation & approach
  • Phase II: analysis & negotiation
  • Phase II: due diligence & completion

The actual implementation of each phase depends on the purchase process and the wishes of the parties involved.

Phase I: preparation & approach

Phase I: preparation & approach

The aim of the preparation and approach phase is getting in touch with one or more potential acquisition targets. In case you do not have an acquisition target, we will prepare a search profile together with you. Based on this profile, we will anonymously search for and approach potential acquisition targets. If one of the targets is seriously interested, a non-disclosure agreement will be drawn up and signed. Consequently, we will request information based on confidentiality, and meetings may take place between you and the target.

Phase II: analysis & negotiation

Do you already have potential targets? In that case, our first priority is setting out clearly whether there is a basis for a transaction between the parties concerned. And we will guide and assist you with:

  • analysing the supplied information;
  • conducting (additional) meetings to get more clarity about e.g. the company, activities, financial results;
  • preparing a price advice or an indicative business valuation to be drawn up by you;
  • preparing a non-binding indicative offer in which the price for the company and other conditions for a transaction are laid down;
  • any follow-up meetings, negotiations and drawing up a letter of intent.

Phase III: due diligence & completion

After signing the letter of intent you will have the certainty that both parties wish to conclude the transaction on the basis of the agreed price and the stated conditions. Based on the letter of intent, you are entitled to carry out a due diligence investigation (or have it carried out) to make sure that you are actually buying what you expect and that any risks are transparent. This will prevent unwelcome surprises afterwards. We can guide and assist you in this phase with:

  • performing a due diligence;
  • conducting meetings and negotiations about the transaction documentation;
  • acquiring (acquisition) funding; and
  • executing (having) the mandatory deeds (executed) before the notary.

And we continue our support after the purchase

Our multidisciplinary team will guide you in the entire process until, as well as after the actual acquisition. We can support you with:

  • The realisation of the agreed subsequent steps after the acquisition;

  • The administrative processing of the transaction;

  • The realisation of synergies , such as integration of accounting activities and the harmonisation of the terms and conditions of employment.

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