Many work processes are fully automated. Many organisations provide online services, sell goods on the internet, and all their employees work in the cloud. IT plays a crucial and strategic role in business operations, providing many opportunities which, unfortunately, may also involve IT related and risks. The IT-specialists at KroeseWevers can support you in all your complex IT issues: from good information protection, financial reports in relation to IT, to preparing assurance reports for your clients.

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Why is an IT-audit so important?

All entrepreneurs wish to avoid corporate or personal data becoming publicly available. If your business is engaged in online sales or services, everything has to function properly, now and in the future - 24/7. Therefore your IT-systems are absolutely essential for the security, reputation and continuity of your operations. Knowledge of IT and automated processes has become a prerequisite in order to draw up high-quality management reports. A lot of financial information is processed and managed today in automated systems. Our IT-Audit Department specialises in the relationship between IT and business processes; they are able to make financial information accessible to audit & interpret the data in the right way. This results in insights into the your organisation's IT systems and how they are set up and organised. This will offer you the needed certainty and assurance. At the same time, the information enables you to make prognoses and to improve decision making.

Independent IT-audits

External stakeholders also require certainty regarding the reliability of your IT-systems and the way your business processes are managed. Our IT-auditors are able to work in several fields. In addition to the audit focus points, such as data integrity and confidentiality, our IT-auditors also focus on whether the availability of your IT-systems is satisfactor. Our IT-auditors will present an independent assessment and may issue an assurance report to offer your customers certainty (e.g. ISAE 3402 or ISAE 3000).

What can an IT-audit offer you?

An IT-audit at KroeseWevers means that IT-specialists are at your disposal to support you in multiple areas:

  • Issues in the privacy and information security domains

  • Preparation of assurance reports and certifications such as ISAE 3402 and ISAE 3000

  • IT financial statement audits whereby our IT-auditors work on the financial information in your IT-environment

  • Advice about the possibilities regarding the optimisation of your information technology (IT) set-up: executing appropriate control measures and advising about improving business operations' processes

  • Implementation of IT-measures and automated processes to improve business operations

More information about IT-audits?

Would you like to know what our IT-Audit Department can offer you? Or do you have a specific IT-related question that you wish to ask our specialists? Feel free to contact our IT-Audit Department.

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Would you like more information? Please feel free to contact us.
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