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Whether you are starting out as an entrepreneur or already keep your own financial accounts, the advisers at KroeseWevers can help you set up your accounting from a to z. We ensure that the various administrative processes, such as procurement and sales but also payments are integrated seamlessly. Your accounting records are linked to a reporting tool which enables the visualising of the appropriate control information. Our advisers are familiar with various online accounting packages with a range of customisation options and will gladly assist you with choosing the right package and set-up.

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The advantages of online accounting

The advantages of online accounting

Our online accounting gives you insight into your business where and whenever you wish. And if you partner with us, so will we. Where necessary, this makes remote monitoring and cooperation possible.

Financial process optimisation

Are all your financial processes structured optimally? As an entrepreneur, you are rarely asked this question and you probably are not always sure how to respond to it either. Our advisers can help you with this. Together we can make an inventory of all your administration processes and offer you tailor-made advice about how to save time and money for your business by the digitisation and optimisation of your financial processes. We will help you to structure your basis and, where possible, expand it with sector-specific applications. After the set-up we will of course continue to monitor you and your new way of working and offer advice proactively.

Real-time management information

As an SME entrepreneur you prefer an up-to-date insight into your operating results. Our advisers will provide you with a real-time automated overview of the proper control information (KPIs) in an online environment. The link between your accounting package and the (online) reporting tool, readily enables you to gain insight into the state of your business. This will maximise the opportunity to respond to new developments in time and to realise your goals. There is also the option to compare actual results against the budgeted figures. This will offer you more insight into your business what the current position of your company is. If desired, we can periodically discuss the figures with you and, based on the actual and budgeted figures, prepare a short and a long-term liquidity forecast.

Full-service accounting solution

KroeseWevers is also the right partner if you wish to spend less time on accounting or perhaps lack the required knowledge of periodically entering invoices to processing bank mutations and VAT returns. We have all the required tools and in-house knowledge to offer you a comprehensive solution with the required management information. An additional advantage is that you can quickly and easily send and pay invoices through the KW Online App.

Full-service accounting solution
Online accounting? We will be happy to assist you

Online accounting? We will be happy to assist you

Would you like to know what online accounting can mean to your business? KroeseWevers has in-house expertise about various accounting software solutions. Whether you are a sole proprietor or own several LTDs, there are appropriate solutions for all organisations. Our accountants know exactly what the possibilities are for your accounting records and are familiar with the integration options with other online applications. In addition, we can offer you advice about your business operations based on the insights from your online accounting.

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