As an SME entrepreneur you have to make choices constantly in the interest of your company and staff. Would you like to continue your business in its current status, or would you like to expand, merge or make an acquisition? In order to help you make the right decisions KroeseWevers offers you a fixed sparring partner. This an expert with in-depth expertise of your line of business and, together with you, helps to create a solid base for your plans.

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A fixed point of contact

A fixed point of contact

Personal contact is an integral aspect of our service. We consider it important that our customers have a single point of contact within the KroeseWevers organisation. We fully understand that you prefer to talk to the same person, a fixed sparring partner whom you can contact easily with all your queries. Someone who knows your company, speaks your language and listens to what you say.

KroeseWevers is multidisciplinary and disposes of a substantial range of in-house expertise. Your adviser can quickly interact with in-house specialists where necessary.

How can our advisers be of service to you?

  • Accounting

  • Financial reports with management information

  • Specific business issues

  • Online accounting

  • Preparation of financial statements


SME entrepreneurs generally spend a lot of time keeping accounting records in order to create the basis for their monthly reporting. Unfortunately, reports are sometimes not available on time, are incomplete or not available at all. Are you interested in how to organise this smarter, more efficiently and especially a lot quicker? Then connect with the accountants at KroeseWevers. A proper set-up of your accounting records will save you time and money. This will give you full access to all aspects of your business and offer opportunities to increase your return eventually. Our KroeseWevers adviser will monitor your accounting practice and, if desired, periodically discuss the figures and (market) developments.

Online accounting

Whether you are starting up your own business or already keeping your own financial accounts, your KroeseWevers adviser will help you set up your accounting in such a way that it fully matches your wishes. With online accounting you will have insight into your business where and whenever you wish. Our advisers can organise your online accounting from a to z, onsite if so desired. Our advisers are familiar with various online accounting packages and customised solutions are possible.

Specific entrepreneurial issues

Do you need support in realising your ambitions? Alongside financial questions, you can also discuss your revenue model, your organisational structure as well as investment and other issues with our advisers. Their knowledge and experience, complemented by the specialist expertise that is available within KroeseWevers, enable our advisers to support you in specific issues concerning taxes, corporate takeovers and finance, personnel, salaries and subsidies.

Prepare financial statements

As SME entrepreneur you are obliged to draw up financial statements. If you prefer this process to be more efficient and accurate, you are advised to consult the KroeseWevers accountants. They are very experienced and are ready to assist you. Our accountants not only ensure that the annual accounts are in compliance with the statutory framework, we also arrange that (an executive summary of) your annual accounts is registered digitally with the Chamber of Commerce. Our accountants are experts in their field and will immerse themselves in your company to ensure that you are provided with quality and expertise.

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Director of Accountancy
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Director of Accountancy
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