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Kroese Wevers



Nexia International

Nexia International is a worldwide network of independent auditors, business advisers and consultants. Nexia International is top 10 ranked of the world's largest international networks within the financial services industry. With our active membership, we are able to support your international ambitions, in every country in the world.

Nexia Netherlands

In addition to the international network Nexia International we created a joined Dutch network ‘Nexia Netherlands’ together with Horlings and Koenen and Co. Together we invest in technical knowledge and education in accountancy and taxation and maintain the quality and compliance of our professional expertise at the highest level.


KroeseWevers is a partner of SRA, a network of 370 independent accounting firms with 900 offices in the Netherlands. The SRA supports member firms with products and services.


A professional association of 5,000 members within university educated tax. NOB members are bound by strict professional standards and its own disciplinary proceedings. For everything they serve, a tax advisor always priors the best interests of his clients and tries to achieve a most favorable tax result –always within the legal limits.


The Registry Tax is an active and practical professional association representing the interests of more than 7,400 members. The members of the Registry Tax meet high quality and are up to date on the latest tax developments.