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Kroese Wevers


German Desk

We have several offices located in the border region with Germany. With the ever-increasing internationalisation of business, our convenient location has made our cross-border work with Germany a fast growing part of our practice. As a result, we have established a special ‘German Desk’, allowing Dutch and German advisors to work closely together on a day-to-day basis for German and Dutch clients. These advisors are specially trained in both the Dutch and German tax and legal systems. In addition to legislation and tax issues, we have an in-depth understanding of German culture, traditions and business practices.


At this time there are no contact persons in this region
Eric Hutten RA
Eric Hutten RA
Director audit
+31 (0)53-8504900
+31 (0)6-12783392
Email LinkedIn
mr. drs. Harold Oude Smeijers
mr. drs. Harold Oude Smeijers
Director tax advisory
+31 (0)541-530666
+31 (0)6-10030679
Email LinkedIn

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