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Expanding into Europe

Whether you want to access the EU market through a new company, a merger or acquisition, high-quality tax advice is a prerequisite. With a corporate tax rate of (20/25%) and one of the world’s leading and longest-established holding regimes, The Netherlands has a competitive and robust tax system and tax residency in the country can have a number of advantages. Incoming dividends or capital gains of (active) participations can often be free of tax. Furthermore, The Netherlands has signed more tax treaties to avoid double taxation than any other country. Cross-border business is further encouraged by the absence of withholding taxes on interest and royalties – and the 5% withholding tax on dividends is in many cases lowered if a tax treaty applies. We can also manage local tax and social security issues relating to your employees. In particular, we can help you take advantage of the 30% tax ruling, which may be especially beneficial to foreign employees and directors working in the Netherlands. VAT is an important tax for international companies. While VAT on goods and services is harmonised within the EU, each country has its own specific rules and issues. Advice from a VAT expert is essential to avoid potentially severe penalties or overpaying tax.


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Eric Hutten RA
Eric Hutten RA
Director audit
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+31 (0)6-12783392
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mr. Hans Eppink
mr. Hans Eppink
Director tax advisory
+31 (0)570-613092
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