KroeseWevers and Moore MTH are going to collaborate and sign a letter of intent to merge

KroeseWevers and Moore MTH are going to collaborate and sign a letter of intent to merge

KroeseWevers and Moore MTH intend to collaborate further. We have signed an agreement to this end. We are already good neighbours, with branches in neighbouring regions. By merging we can guarantee our clients even better continuity and service quality. We can also strengthen our international position. This is in line with the ambitions of both Moore MTH and KroeseWevers to substantiate further sustainable growth. As a result of this merger, an accountancy and advisory organisation will emerge with over 900 employees, 35,000 clients, 20 multi-disciplinary branches, 37 partners and an annual turnover of almost 100 million Euros.

Reason for the proposed merger

The most important reason is to warrant quality and continuity. The proposed merger will enable us to cope with the increasing challenges in legislation and regulations, digitalization, labour shortages and the increasing need to develop talent. Moreover, we believe that we can achieve our ambitions to grow together as an independent organisation.

What will the merger mean for (potential) employees?

Taking this step will make the labour market even more accessible and we will be able to offer our (potential) employees more. In addition, extra opportunities will arise to develop their talents further. This will contribute towards retaining good and happy employees. They are key for a successful future-proof organisation.

What will the merger mean for clients?

The merger will guarantee a continuity of multi-disciplinary services for clients. Partly by strengthening the specialised teams: VAT advice, corporate finance, IT services, subsidy advice as well as personnel and salary advice. We will also be able to innovate, continue giving quality services and develop new and better services together.

An even stronger international player

The affiliation with Moore’s international network, and a separate ‘International service line, together with our own German desk, will strengthen our international positioning. Moore has branches in 114 countries. As a consequence, we can help our clients continuously and better internationally. The Moore network also offers possibilities to set up exchange programmes for employees. This implies new opportunities for current and potential employees.

Gradual integration

We intend to merge on 1 January 2023. At that point, the new name will also be revealed. Subsequently the integration will take shape gradually. In the meantime, both Moore MTH and KroeseWevers will operate under their own names.

Future-proof together

We are convinced that, together, we will be stronger and can contribute to everybody’s personal happiness, business success and a better future.

KroeseWevers and Moore MTH are going to collaborate and sign a letter of intent to merge

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