KroeseWevers accountants and advisors is established in, among others, Oldenzaal and caters for businesses. Our accounting firm is readily available to provide multi-disciplinary services. We can support and give advice on matters pertaining to accountancy, taxes, corporate takeovers, financing, personnel, salaries, subsidies and other corporate matters.

Moore mkw oldenzaal
Hanzepoort 23E
7575 DB Oldenzaal
Postoffice box 57
7570 AB Oldenzaal
+31 (0)541 53 06 66

Contacting the Oldenzaal office

Do you have a question, or would you like one of our Oldenzaal colleagues to contact you? Please fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Ansprechpartner in Oldenzaal finden

Rob van der aa aa rb
Rob van der Aa AA/RB
Director of Accountancy
+31 (0)5 41 21 74 05
015 L8964 bewerkt
Eric Hutten RA
Executive chairman KroeseWevers
+31 (0)5 38 50 49 45
Mr drs harold oude smeijers
Tax Advice
mr. drs. Harold Oude Smeijers
Director of Tax Advice
+31 (0)5 41 21 74 27
015 L9162 bewerkt
Corporate Finance Advice
mr. Berto Janssen
Director of Corporate Finance
+31 (0)5 38 50 49 15
Okko de wilde
Personnel and Salary Advice
Okko de Wilde
Personnel Adviser
+31 (0)5 33 03 43 91
Erik schapink msc
Subsidy Advice
Erik Schapink MSc
Subsidy Advice Manager
+31 (0)5 41 21 74 49
More information? +31 (0)53 850 49 00
Contact us

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