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Kroese Wevers


Our clients

Just like us, our clients are evolving every day. 
Some of the cases we are working on at this moment: 

Bicycle Industry Group fit for the new future with new investors

BIG Bicycles continues with new investors from Januari 1, 2017 to increase their market share in the segment of e-bikes. KroeseWevers Corporate Finance conducted this transaction together with JPR Advocaten.

Please read the full press release of BIG Bicycles here. Source: NLpersberichten.nl

Rob Koops RV
  • Rob Koops RV
  • Advisor Corporate Finance
  • KroeseWevers Deventer
  • +31 (0)570 61 30 92
  • +31(0)6-10030678
Explore opportunity’s French market

‘Local expertise, Global reach’. Through the Nexia International network we are able to interact rapidly with our Nexia colleagues all around the world. This slogan proved itself again during the Nexia EMEA Conference in Berlin, early April this year. During this conference, the French relationships have been strengthened with Fabrice Huglin, Nexia Paris, to explore the possibility of selling our clients business into the French market.

mr. Berto Janssen
  • mr. Berto Janssen
  • Director corporate finance
  • KroeseWevers Enschede
  • +31 (0)53-8504900
  • +31 (0)6-12631452
Quickly found: local exptertise in China

Just contacted a Nexia accountant in Shanghai. One of our clients in Enschede recently started a subsidiary in China and needs local support. Initiate the first contact with an local advisor was easily accomplished using our Nexia network!

Rick Ikink MSc RA
  • Rick Ikink MSc RA
  • Manager audit
  • KroeseWevers Enschede
  • +31 (0)53-8504900
  • +31 (0)6-10958913

For our German Nexia colleagues Ebner Stolz we perform specific audit procedure at a Dutch enterprise. This client is part of a large German company. A great example of an assignment obtained through our Nexia International network.

Rick Ikink MSc RA
  • Rick Ikink MSc RA
  • Manager audit
  • KroeseWevers Enschede
  • +31 (0)53-8504900
  • +31 (0)6-10958913
Global Risk Management Report

During the annual Nexia EMEA Conference, early April in Berlin, Nexia presented the new ‘Global Risk Management Report’. This report shows the result of risk management within companies around the world. The report is based on a survey carried out in 23 countries, including The Netherlands. A remarkable 67% of the companies have formalized the risk analysis. However, 33% indicated that the senior management does not control risk management. 38% of the respondents said that they only analyse risks once a year or less frequently. Room for improvement! The report also includes a checklist that can be used by companies to visualize the potential risks they face. Download the full ‘Global Risk Management Report’.

Eric Hutten RA
  • Eric Hutten RA
  • Director audit
  • KroeseWevers Enschede
  • +31 (0)53-8504900
  • +31 (0)6-12783392
Structure and collaboration improvement for international client

One of our clients, active within transport systems, works for years with a Chinese business partner. Their partnership needs to be professionalised regarding structure and frequency; looking for a suitable joint-venture and the best tax-routing from The Netherlands.
For an ideal economic and tax structure they need to be able to react rapidly to each other and their visions needs to be in line. Not to forget an in-depth understanding of each other cultures, traditions and business practices.
Another example of the fast and accurate operation of the Nexia International network: within a day we discusses the new business structure concept, substance and HRM. Next week, our client will be in Shanghai to meet our local Nexia-partner.
International business, our expertise!

mr. Marcel Kocks
  • mr. Marcel Kocks
  • Director tax advisory
  • KroeseWevers Emmen
  • +31 (0)591-657800
  • +31 (0)6-10959460
American market discovered with client

A US company based in Silicon Valley California was interested in the opportunities of the Dutch market for their products (nano technology). One of the reasons to choose for Enschede was the fact that the University of Twente has one of the most respected nano technology centres in the world. The Dutch tax facilities for holdings and R&D companies were also a good reason. They established a Dutch holding with subsidiaries in several EU countries. The profits of these subsidiaries can be distributed tax free to the holding. Further on the EU R&D centre was established in Enschede. The profits of R&D are taxed in the Dutch Innovation Box. The tax rate is only 5%! The R&D centre works very well due to the skilled and dedicated employees that were found at the University of Twente (situated just around the corner of our office). A good example for technical orientated foreign companies that want to do research and business at the EU market.

mr. Hans Eppink
  • mr. Hans Eppink
  • Director tax advisory
  • KroeseWevers Deventer
  • +31 (0)570-613092
  • +31 (0)6-20520590