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As an accountancy firm, KroeseWevers has all the necessary in-house support and advice options for entrepreneurs. With more than 400 specialists and over 40 years of experience, we support and advise entrepreneurs on accountancy, taxes, corporate takeovers and financing, personnel, salaries and subsidies and other entrepreneurial issues.

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Our ambition

Our ambition

We aspire to help our customers to develop their organisation and ambitions further through our multidisciplinary services. We strive to realise this by offering high-quality expertise, result-oriented work and delivering quality. Our approach is personal and ethical, and we take on responsibility when required. We maintain a close relationship with our clients who operate across borders.

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We are passionate entrepreneurs just like you and, just like you, we strive to do what we are good at. We are good at bringing out the best in your business, together with you. In order to do this, we go beyond mere figures. We translate your figures into opportunities for success. The figures tell us everything about your past, but they also give us more insight into your future. The strength of our service lies in the advice we can give you regarding these opportunities. We look at who you are, the objectives of your enterprise and we share our knowledge and expertise. Everything we do has one single purpose: to make you grow as a business and as an entrepreneur.

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No-nonsense and people-oriented

No-nonsense and people-oriented

It is our ambition to make the sometimes rigid and complex regulatory framework you have to deal with as an entrepreneur, easier and more accessible. We do this by giving you no-nonsense information personally. Information that will help you as an entrepreneur. We visualise the opportunities for your enterprise, we show you where the risks are and give you substantiated advice about the steps you can take. And we do this in close cooperation with you because you are the key to success.

Our specialists are flexible and nearby

KroeseWevers has a total of eight branches in the Eastern and Northern part of the Netherlands: de Achterhoek, Noord, Zwolle, Salland and Twente. Our specialists work closely together to give you the best support possible. They know the local situation thoroughly, but their expertise is not limited to the region. Even if your ambitions lie outside the region, we have a lot to offer.

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Eric Hutten RA
Executive chairman KroeseWevers
+31 (0)5 38 50 49 45
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drs. Guido Kamps
Director of Tax Advice
+31 (0)3 14 37 48 76
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Frank Tijscholte RA
Director of Accountancy
+31 (0)5 38 50 49 67
More information? +31 (0)53 850 49 00
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